Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SC mistakes

Hi all
this is a question which was widely debated and came in cat 07.I found it hard in the exam

the following below is a passage ,which consists of five sentences connected ,we need to point the ones correct.

A. It is sometimes told that democratic
B. government originated in the city-states
C. of ancient Greece. Democratic ideals have been handed to us from that time.
D. In truth, however, this is an unhelpful assertion.
E. The Greeks gave us the word, hence did not provide us with a model.
(1) A, B&D (2) B,C&D (3) B&D (4) B only (5) D only

now A is the sentence
It is sometimes told that democratic

TOLD -verb ,simple past and past particple of to tell
it is used in reported speech i.e it is used to talk about people  (followed by an object + that:):
eg : i told him that i will be late

SAID - verb /adjective-simple past and  past particple of to said
 here comes what they asked,  SAID can be used with that for reported speech
 e.g:"The criminal said that he was sorry".
So A is wrong it is sometimes said is the correct phrase
In C The correct idiomtic expression is "handed down" 
in E hence is incorrect but is correct
So B and D is the answer (3)

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