Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Common Mistakes 2


Another one from CAT 07
Find the correct sentences

A. So once an economy is actually in recession,
B. the authorities can, in principle, move the economy
C. out of slump - assuming hypothetically
D. that they know how to - by a temporary stimuli.
E. In the longer term, however, such policies have no affect on the overall behaviour of the economy.
(1) A, B&E (2) B,C&E (3) C&D (4) E only (5) B only

let's talk about E 
affect is a verb meaning to influence, act upon, or change something or someone.
effect in comparison means to have an impact on something or someone.
in C its out of the slump not out of slump.In D the correct word usage is stimulus not stimuli
A is wrong So is not needed .

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